Surfing, picking python


It’s Labor Day, which of course means I’ve been work at things other than my regular job.  Cleaning, fun… the usual.

This morning I headed out surfing with some ladies from a local meetup group at Linda Mar beach in Pacifica, which was amazing.  There was a pod of dolphins hanging out just outside of where the waves were forming, just playing around.  I’ve never seen so many surfers not surfing, and the waves were good today!

The other exciting thing is that I’ve “officially” decided to try out python as a second(ish) programming language.  I’ve been hemming and hawing over the “Ruby vs. Python” debate for a good while, and got some good advice.  The advice: to just pick one; it’s not irreversible.  Given that I started on “Learn Python the Hard Way” a couple weeks ago, it also makes sense from that angle.

All I have to say about Python so far:  I don’t miss all of the funny characters used in PHP that much.  I finished up lesson 17 a few days ago, so only about 40 to go 🙂

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