Women Who Code hack night, more surfing, etc.


This Thursday I attended the Women Who Code (SF) hack night at Manilla, which was a lot of fun.  There were a lot of neat coding ladies there, and we got to learn about Manilla, which I will try out as soon as I have time to get it set up.  Having a way to keep track of my Groupon-like things and bills sounds really good to me.  I spent some time working on coding exercises, as well as some time talking with several people about my ruby vs. python debate.  After hearing a lot of arguments in favor of Ruby, I think I’ll go through both of the “learn the hard way” series before making a temporary decision 🙂

Saturday I made it out to Linda Mar for some surfing with a good friend from AWIS.  Small waves, but the water was warm and I caught a bunch.  So did she 🙂

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