Surfing Linda Mar and practicing some algorithms


Today I headed out to Linda Mar beach for a surf session with some of the other Ladies Who Surf.  We all caught a couple good waves, but after a summer of small waves and wind swells, the waves seemed huge!  The tide was rising, so there was a lot of water behind those waves as well.  Good for getting a nice long ride on, but not so good when you go over the falls and feel like you’re in a washing machine.

That said, the weather was beautiful, there were some good rides, and the company was excellent.  I did, however, tweak my knee (and its slightly torn meniscus) a  little bit, so that was less ideal.

The other big thing on my plate of late has been learning/practicing coding some algorithms.  Because I’ve learned to write PHP/ javascript/ etc. on the job, I have a very practical knowledge of programming.  This has the effect of knowing things I use regularly very well, but there are a lot of “gaps” in my knowledge, compared with people who are more traditionally trained.  I’ve been told by many people that it’s good to get some of the basics down for when/ if I need them, so there has been a lot of practice.  A lot of practice, and a lot of frustration, since this stuff isn’t easy.  I managed to write a quicksort algorithm earlier this week, and have some tree work to do.

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