Welcome to San Francisco International Airport


Here we are at San Francisco International  Airport, waiting for our flight from SFO -> CDG ->AMM.  To kick off our journey to the MENA region, Lisa, one of the other mentors, bought some Nuts and Chews from See’s Candies (an SF specialty) to share.  Yum!

Because the week has been pretty busy with trying to wrap up work and prepare for the trip, it’s just now sinking in that I’ll be heading halfway around the world with this incredible group of women.  Looking at the schedule, it will be very busy, but I am so looking forward to meeting new people in Jordan and hanging out with the TechWomen crew.

Other excitement during the week:

  • I thought I lost my passport because it wasn’t where I put it.  I’d just taken it out to check in for my flight…
  • One of my good friends from home is going to come visit during her Spring Break!  Hooray!
  • Heard back from some friends in Bangladesh about AUW graduation; I’m still plotting on that front 🙂
  • I have the best boyfriend ever.  He went to Chinatown to get San Francisco swag to give away in Jordan.

Time to board…


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