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Greetings from Osaka Kansai airport (airport code KIX).  So far I have experienced the wonders of Japanese toilet engineering- seriously.

The flight from SFO was relatively uneventful, with only one small bout of uncomfortable turbulence.  And I got upgraded to Economy plus, which was nice.  I also got a couple hours of sleep in, thanks to the NyQuil I took when I got in the plane and the Air France mask from my last international trip:-)

In other words, hi mom!  I’m in Osaka!

Any favorite airlines/ airport amenities?  I could get used to heated toilet seats…

At Kansai airport after traveling 12 or so hours.
At Kansai airport after traveling 12 or so hours.



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  1. Holly KN says:

    In the Hong Kong airport, they have water dispensers – not fountains, but dispensers, where you choose a water temperature, push a button, and get a big ‘ole stream of any temp water you want (from hot to cold, and several temps inbetween).

    Unfortunately, they also REcheck your carry-ons at the end of the jet bridge, and make you dump (or drink) all of said water before getting on the plane. Bummer.

  2. Meg Desko says:

    The water dispenser sounds *very* nice. I do remember that airport having quite the security check system– too bad you didn’t have longer to enjoy your water!

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