Travel update: Cyclone Mahasen


Today, I am scheduled to head from Bangkok to Dhaka, and from there on to Chittagong.

Alas, there is a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal.  The estimates for when it will make landfall near Chittagong are somewhere between Thursday mid-day and Friday mid-day.

I will head to the airport in Bangkok soon.  From there (provided the flights are going), I will go to Dhaka.  I will then try to board a plane for Chittagong.

If I can’t, I will stay at the AUW guesthouse in Dhaka… once I can leave the airport.  There is, after all, a Hartal (nationwide strike) on today.

If I can, I will go to Chittagong as soon as possible and will hole up there.  And go to graduation 🙂

This is me, signing off for now.  If there is internet at the airport, I will write a more fun blog post about Bangkok.  But if you don’t hear from me for a couple days, it’s because the power and/or internet is out.


(Safety update just for you, mom)

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  1. Holly KN says:

    Why am I not exactly convinced that this will make her feel reassured? Hoping you stay safe and clear of too many cyclones. Rest assured that Singapore is generally cyclone and strike free….

  2. Meg Desko says:

    Holly, you’re probably right about it most likely not making her feel reassured. But I am safe now, and am glad to here there aren’t too many cyclones in Singapore!

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