Quick update


Last night was the graduation dinner for the AUW graduates. It was very enjoyable, and fun to sit with a group of Cambodian students, along with a current professor, a Bangladeshi student, and a Nepalese student. So much fun to talk with them and catch up.

Today was commencement, and it was so very nice to see the final event of the UG4’s undergraduate career. The first year faculty were here the day they started, and 5 of us were here to see the last event. The event itself was nice, and there were a few memorable lines in the commencement address. (I will load some pictures once I’m not on someone else’s computer because of the crazy AUW wifi).

It was also wonderful to see old colleagues and catch up on what’s going on, and was fun to be a prop in the students’ photos. (Not my line)

Tomorrow I leave early for the airport (though later than if there was a hartal), and will fly from Chittagong to Dhaka, and from there, onto Mumbai where I will visit with our dean from first year and her daughter.

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