New year, new webhosting!

After a large price increase and mediocre service from BlueHost, I’ve decided to move on… to Amazon Web Services.  I’ve been thinking it would be good for me to get at least a little bit of AWS experience, and this is one path to doing just that.  I spun up an ec2 instance (on the free tier, even!), got myself an elastic IP address (free while it’s attached to an instance), and got a move on.

This post was a huge help- it gives step-by-step instructions for getting WordPress set up on AWS.

I’ll add that it’s a good idea to set up an Elastic IP address (basically, this is helpful if you need to change ec2 instances, because it gives you a constant IP address) before going through this process; I had to start over when I tried to change it after my install.

Happy new year!

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