This week


Finished Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky.  Well done and enjoyable, though I’ve been falling asleep while reading more often and it took me a few weeks to get through it.

Read The Novel Habits of Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith.  Perhaps a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I find his books rather enjoyable and this one was no exception.

Read a NY Times article about the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok.  It brought me back to my summer there in 2002 and my more recent visit in 2013.

Read this Harvard Business Review article about women and feedback.  It maps pretty well to what I’ve experienced in real life.  Vague feedback and assessments of my weaknesses without specific suggestions as to how to improve are apparently much more common in feedback to women than to men.  Sigh.

Started Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, since it’s come recommended by several friends.  No verdict yet; I’m probably about 2/5 of the way through.



We had a work offsite on Wednesday to watch the San Francisco Giants play.  Unlike “normal” Giants games, there was actually a lot of scoring, which made it more fun than usual.



Less programming than usual this week, as I attempted to ship a small change that will make a big difference in our merchants’ ability to see what’s going on with their social shopping integrations.  Still not in; rebase count: at least 6.  Also wrote a README (yay).  Spent a good bit of time helping our support team through some initial issues during GA of our Facebook Shop integration.

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